Overcoming Hardships and Being Content

I have always struggled with being content. In Philippians in the Bible, Paul talks about finding the secret of being content in any and every situation. And thinking about everything that Paul went through, I realized  that it was his relationship with the Lord that got him through prison and persecution. Some times life just seems like too much and too overwhelming. When there is so much sickness  and so many hardships sometimes we feel like we are just surviving and I don’t just want to survive, I want to live joyfully and have others see the joy of the Lord in me. I want to cling to my NIV Bible and choose the Lord even when life is really hard. But that is easier said than done.

There was a season of my life that was almost too much to bear. I lost my husband’s dad and my dad in the same month, in one to cancer the other to suicide and I was pregnant with my second child. The sorrow almost consumed me. I wanted to just sleep my days away but I had to keep going for my family. It took a long time but eventually I turned to the Lord and it wasn’t just one miraculous moments, it was time after time choosing to listen to the Lord and trust that he would give me the strength when it was too hard to stand up.

When hardship come we see the strength of the Lord overcome. It’s our testimonies that make us who we are and give as value. It’s the things that I have overcome that I’m able to share with others and help them through their hardships as well.  It can be difficult choose to pursue the Lord and turn to Him when life just keeps coming at you and you don’t even have time to grieve or work through your hardships because life is so busy and you are just surviving. But we must turn to our Study Bibles and see what the Lord has to say about what’s going on in our lives. Everything in the Bible is true and relevant for today. No matter what you’re going through and how much hardship you have, you can open your Bible and find hope.